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    The REPEARL® hot and cold mask for the face is easy to use. Face Mask / Puffiness and Dark Circles / Beauty Routine / Headaches Post-cosmetic surgery / reduces pain and inflammation after Laser treatment, plastic surgery, dermabrasion... By Hot or Cold Flexible-Reusable Contains a Repearl® thermal pocket With a retaining strap (scratch) The REPEARL® hot and cold mask...

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Aesthetic Group is a group of compagnies, wich manufacture medical devices for Plastic Surgery, Aesthetic Medecine, Mesotherapy, Dermatology ans Sports Medicine.

The INEX Company was founded in 2002 and his CEO, wtih more thna 35 years of experience in medical field, provides expertise and high quality in our medical device.

Our entire sister compagnies based in France allows a manufacture, packaging and sterilization in only one country - 100% Made In France.



ISO 9001 ISO 13485